A certified and experienced contractor offers several services. From merely removing an old roof also displacing it by a new roof, to the review and “certification” from the current roof. This end is a method in which the roof is examined, and its functioning is “supported” for a set time; It usually’s two years. The contractor takes responsibility for any necessary repairs during that period.

A certified contractor is an expert in roof systems, materials and installation processes that best fit with each project, and will ensure adequate ventilation.

Ask the possible contractor, questions as if he is licensed and certified. What guarantee does your Sure, and if it’s updated. Ask in which manufacturers are authorized and approved to work, for the installation of the products and regarding warranties. Also, ask if they are members of any national or regional trade organization.

Many sources are available to find a certified roofer: references, local government licensing agencies and internet sites that offer roofers to hire, or a list of licensed and certified contractors.

So he wants to make a Textured Ceiling!

You were the owner of your house a few years ago, and you have already done several DIY projects around the house. One day he decides to look at his roofs and discovers that these are perfectly fine, except for the water stains left over from when his son played Sailor Sam in the bathtub last month. You decide after having discussed it with “the lady” that it is time to give a textured appearance to the living room.

After talking to several contractors, you realize that the price for doing so is entirely out of focus, so you decide to do it yourself.

Then, go to the most significant hardware store with your ideas and questions. You already know that it can be done most efficiently and directly manually, for a fraction of what the contractor asks for. And that’s when you have the satisfaction of having done it yourself and live to tell it! The salesman interrupts him in the middle of the sentence with a “is he going to spray it?” He looks at him with a face of total surprise and says: “What?”. With what the seller looks surprised and guides him to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčsprinklers made especially for that – Guessed, the textured ceiling is sprayed! Until this moment he believed that this was done by hand!

He very politely explains the different types of sprinkler hopper textures. The simplest one has a container (the hopper) mounted on a spray gun that will load with the mixture of textures and then sprinkle on the ceiling.