To date, the central part of the work is the installation of PVC membranes. Preference is given to materials of Norwegian production. My personal opinion, based on practical experience: it is convenient and quick to work with these materials. This allows us to perform the work in a qualitative and timely manner, especially at negative temperatures.

Scandinavian standards make very high demands on roofing materials and work safety. Our Norwegian partner is the largest contractor in Europe. He has accumulated a lot of experience in the installation of roofs in adverse weather conditions, which he now shares with us. Manual welding in its technology is minimized, the nodes and parts are thought out and easy to assemble. He strictly monitors compliance with technology and the quality of the work of contractors.

Having visited Scandinavia on the roofs, which stood for 25-30 years without repair, and comparing their quality of execution of roofing works with Norwegian, we confidently provide customers with a 10-year warranty for work, and the manufacturer – a 15-year warranty on the membrane.

– Where are the specialists in your company trained?

Unfortunately, there is nowhere to find a qualified specialist. In the vocational school of roofers, work with modern materials is not taught, and “defectors” from other companies, as a rule, work on simplified-average technologies, which were picked up when working with different membranes. It is easier to teach a beginner than retrain such a “professional.”

The Norwegian partner provides a great help in the training of personnel. By its training center for the employees of “DIMAS,” regular courses are conducted for practical training of roofers and refresher courses for engineers. Authorization of experts and issuance of certificates are made only after the work performed is inspected directly at the facilities. Supervisors of the manufacturer are continually checking the quality of the roofing works on the facilities and observance of the technology recommended by the manufacturer and the Central Research Institute of Industrial Property.

For middle-level specialists, the technical service department of the manufacturer conducts visiting seminars, helps with technical literature and consultations. But this is only the first knowledge, experience and professionalism come with time. Therefore, we have introduced the practice of mentoring.